About Charity

About Charity

Who is This Girl and Why is

She Writing Here?

I’m one of those people who always kept changing what she wanted to be when she grew up. While that’s encouraged in children, it isn’t quite as cherished as a quality in grown ups, but I’ve never been one to settle, either. If you pursue one path–either because everyone says you should or even because you think it’s the right one for you–and find out that it isn’t what makes you happy, I’m a firm believer in changing the path. Life’s too short to be stuck in a rut of unhappiness.

  • I’ve traversed a lot of paths in my life: fiction writer, screenwriter, L.A. actress, waitress, office temp, college instructor, K-12 substitute teacher (I really don’t recommend this one, unless it’s just for the flexibility to pay the bills), English teacher in Korea (this one, however, is a great way to see the world and get paid!), lawyer, coach.
  • I’ve collected a bunch of degrees: B.A. in acting and creative writing; M.A. in English Literature; J.D.
  • I’m in the process of adding another to the collection: Ph.D. in English.
  • I’ve finally got that novel finished, and have started a second while working on publishing the first.
  • At some point I realized practicing law does not equal pursuing my own bliss, so I got a coach, revamped the roadmap, then tossed it out the window all together, as I finally took the time to ask myself what would.

It turns out that my younger self got a lot of it right–the three things I need most in life are a story to tell, a stage to perform on, and the knowledge that I’m helping others reach their full potential. Whether that assistance comes in the classroom or in a one-on-one coaching call, what lights me up is the connections I make with other people as we dig down deep and find ways to express the unique song that’s inside of them. (This is why I love teaching writing as much as I do! People are always surprised to see what comes out when they free themselves up and just let their souls do the talking on the page!)

Everyone has a vision. Everyone has a message. Everyone has a gift to bring to the world: something that makes them shine in their own way. It’s my hope that my journey, and my message, will help you to find yours.

Random Facts for Those Who Are Interested

  • I have 2 cats. I do not have children. Yep I’m one of those people for whom her cats are her children. There may be pictures from time to time.
  • I write fantasy fiction inspired by Irish and other Celtic myths. If you’re interested in that side of me, you can find out more at my official author’s website.
  • Skiing is my favorite outdoor sport, but I’m happiest by the water. Go figure.
  • I took up in-line skating as an alternative to running after recovering from an injury. It’s great exercise. One problem: I never quite figured out how to stop efficiently. Missing toe-stops, I’ve recently reverted to quad roller skates and am loving it. In fact–I’m loving it so much I’m considering giving roller derby a try.
  • On any given day, my dietary definition is swinging between pescetarian, vegetarian and 4-6 week stints of veganism for dietary cleansing, though I do not purport to be a vegan since I have not adopted it full time and would not want to insult those who do. Whichever definition of the day, I haven’t eaten chicken, beef, pork or any other variant of red or white meat for over 3 years now. Don’t worry–I’m not preachy about it.