2010 Word of the Year – Release

Dec 18, 2010 by

2010 Word of the Year – Release

I’ve been choosing a yearly word since 2008. Every year it’s surprised me with how it manifested in my life. This year  was no exception.

I was carrying a lot of anxiety last fall. I had applied for graduate school and was desperate to get out of a job that seemed to be going nowhere, but I wasn’t sure what path to take. I felt I needed to lose weight after an injury sidelined my running practice, but anxiety was killing my motivation.

Though I considered “forgive” for a while–feeling I needed to do some work on that when old anger arose after learning my ex-husband had remarried–in the end, release just kept drawing me back. Somehow, some way, I needed to release everything that was miring me in that pit of anxiety and fear. I had certain expectations of how that would happen, of course.

Read the rest over on Christine Kane’s blog, where it went live today as a guest post!


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